When and where do you meet?

We meet Wednesays 11:30-12:30 at Ziggy's in downtown Hudson, WI.

How do I become a member?

Show up...That’s really all there is to it! We don’t have any set minimums as far as membership dues, referral quotas, or attendance. The only thing we recommend is that you attend on a regular basis, so we can learn and develop professional relationships with you and confidently send you referrals.

Are there any fees?

Nope! We are a no-fee group. Occasionally we collect money for incidentals, which include but is not limited to:

  • keeping the website, domain and hosting paid/updated
  • printed materials to promote the group
  • Group sponsorships (in the past these have included another networking group, and Relay for Life)

I see you have someone already in my field. Can I still attend/join?

Yes! We actually have several members who work with others in the same field at our group.  We’ve found that each have a special niche and are really great referrals within our profession.

What is a typical meeting like?

We start a meeting with introductions - generally 60-seconds explaining what your business does and a specific “ask” for the week. We then have time for our featured speaker, which changes each week. After the presentation we bring up any upcoming events in the area. Then - referral/testimonial time. Lastly we bring up any questions/comments/concerns, so that everyone has a chance to help grow our group and its businesses.

What should I bring?

Business cards, a great attitude and a smile. If you have any promotional materials for upcoming business or community events feel free to share them as well!

Is lunch included in the meeting?

To continue our no-fee approach, the group does not provide lunch for attendees. However, attendees have the option to order from the menu and pay individually for their meal.

What are "one-on-one"s and why should I do them?

One-on-ones are a great way to learn the details of the businesses in the group.  Once you know about the business, you will have a much easier time knowing who and when to refer business to them, as well as show why your business is unique.

How do I get on the website directory?

Anyone who attends our group regularly is welcome to submit a listing for our business directory on our website. However, there is a charge for the listings. New listings are $25 for the first year, and $10 for renewing listings. Anything above the domain/hosting fee is set aside for other incidentals such as printed materials or sponsoring an event. If you are interested in being on the website, please contact Melissa Rott at Design Flaire for details.


Come eat Lunch, Network and Learn!